I graduated as an ESL/EFL Teacher and now I have been hired as an Elementary and Secondary Teacher in a private school. Thank you for all your tips and support.

Cristina L. M



After finishing all the levels and even presenting the TOEFL and TOEIC I realized that I wanted to teach English. Now I am a certified ESL/EFL Teacher. Prompt English, you completely changed my life! Thanks.

Daniel S. G



I had learned English at a very young age and had always wanted to teach. I took the ESL/EFL Teacher’s Course and I am currently teaching English independently. Thank you for everything.

Carolina G.V.


I had gone to 4 different schools and had “apparently” finished all the levels, but I still was not fluent in English. Thanks to Prompt English and its wonderful staff of teachers I was able to get a perfect score on the TOEIC. I now have a better job because of that.

Lic. Marco Antonio V. B.


Thank you Prompt English for helping me improve my fluency, listening comprehension, and specially for helping me get rid of all of the “bad habits” I had acquired from a previous school. Now I definitely know I’m ready to present and pass the TOEFL exam.

Jorge A.L


Los felicito por la calidad del método, por la calidad humana de los profesores (Verónica, Mayra, Arturo, Walter) que me enseñaron. Les deseo éxito, que bien merecido lo tienen, y les agradezco todo lo que aprendí, así como la paciencia que me tuvieron.

Edwin R..C.



Me senti super a gusto por ser muy amigable. Te sientes seguro que vas a aprender bien y no da pena equivocarse porque no se rien, y te ayudan con la pronunciacion. Su lema se podria decir que es "Mil porciento de tolerancia". Gracias por el apoyo....Ya termine un nivel!

 Diana E. R.A.

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